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If you are looking for greyhound racing info for today, you're at the right place! Here you can find products like the Stat Attack, Stat Force and RG Tip Sheet. Take a look the "Daily Publications" tab above to find the products available today.


When you find a greyhound product that you want, click on the product image and details will be displayed. Then click "ADD TO CART". Then if you want another product, add it to the cart. There is a shopping cart button to click near the top of the page that will show you what is in your shopping cart at any time. The numeral in the cart is the total number of items you have so far.  If you change your mind or have any duplicate products, you can remove a product from your cart using the "REMOVE" or "X" button.


When you are done selecting products, click "Check out with Paypal" and pay with your credit card or a Paypal account.  Don't worry--you don't need a Paypal account to check out. Instead of logging in to Paypal on the Paypal window, just click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" and you can check out as a guest and use your credit card. Please check that your Subtotal is correct for the number of products you want.


After you check out your cart, you are shown a "Thank You" window with your download links. Download links are also emailed to you if you need to print or view again. Please check your email to find the download link.

For more info, please call (855) 237-4656.

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