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March 1990 RG Sample Issue (PDF)

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Derby Lane 04/15 Evening
Stat Attack ---Stat Force ---RG Tip Sheet

Sanford Orlando 04/16 Matinee
Stat Attack ---Stat Force ---RG Tip Sheet


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Free Greyhound Race Tip

Southland Greyhound Park • Friday Evening • April 4, 2014, 13TH RACE 5/16 SA: 4 Branding Iron - Strong post benefit, 2 Beryl Drumm - Decent back speed, 1 Cr Joe - Quick to the turn, 8 Kiowa Lenovo - Good potential here

QUINIELA: Wheel 4 with 1-2-5-8 ($8)

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Stat Attacks are listed by track code and date on the left of the web page.

To set up an account to purchase and download Stat Attacks and Tip Sheets, please send me an email or give us a call at 732-345-0220.

With your "Pay Per View" download account, you will only be billed for the files that you purchase from our Web site. Stat Attack files are $2 each.

Eight Winning Picks at Orange Park on Sunday

March 30, 2014--The RG Tip Sheet was smoking hot on Sunday at Orange Park--8 Win bets out of 15 races, 7 Quinellas, 4 Trifectas and 2 Superfectas. The Superfecta hit in the 8th race was a straight hit 4-2-6-5 and paid $353.50.

Seven Winners and Two Supers on RG Tip Sheet

January 8, 2014--What a Wednesday at Wheeling Island Greyhound Track for the RG Tip Sheet--7 winners out of 17 races, 8 Quinellas, the Daily Double, 4 Trifectas and 2 Superfectas. The Superfecta hit in the 14th race was a straight hit 3-7-1-2 and paid $668.60.

Looking for January Archive of Tip Sheets?

January 9, 2014--January archives of Tip Sheets and Stat Attacks display in reverse order so January sheets (01) sort to the bottom.

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Want to Bet on the Greyhounds?

Here's a note from another happy greyhounds.com customer:

"I find your web site very helpful and hope others find it helpful too in learning on how to handicap greyhound races...I believe in your web site-- one of the best online. Have a fun day and best of good luck at the races." -- William C

Download Tip Sheets to Your Droid with Firefox for Android

Sunday, August 18, 2013--The Android download problem has been solved.

Making a Good Superfecta Bet

Superfecta wagers are popular at the dog track and there have been some questions about making the bet. For example, one player wants to play a $1 superfecta wheel 1-2-3-all (5 bets costing $5.00). His question is "Do the first 3 dogs have to finish 1-2-3 or come in in any order?"

Yes, a 1-2-3-all is betting that 1 finishes first, 2 finishes second and 3 finishes in third exactly. At the betting window you would say "superfecta part wheel 1 with 2 with 3 with ALL".

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