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Gordon's Recent Blog Entries

How to Categorize a Race to Improve Your Wagering

Recently we've been talking about how important it is to look at wagering strategies instead of handicapping strategies. The general idea here is that you make your money at the greyhound races by out-thinking the patrons rather than by trying to out-think the greyhounds! I've had a couple of people ask me about

Would You Bet If They Only Gave You Half Your Profit?

Wagering is the skill we all need to improve. And there are some structural elements to wagering on greyhound races that you should be intimately familiar with. Because the deck is stacked against you, and you need to be really really good to turn the odds in your favor.

For example, let's look at takeout. What's takeout? Every time you place a bet on a greyhound race, the track and the government take a percentage of that wager to cover their costs and taxes, respectively. The amount they take out is huge. I mean, really huge. At most tracks, the takeout on anything other than win/place/show betting approaches or even exceeds

It's Not About Picking Greyhounds... It's About Wagering!

I was handicapping the races at Bluffs Run the other day, and the number one rule of racing was on my mind: It's not about picking greyhounds... It's about wagering on them!

I've tried to explain this concept to people for over twenty years. If you want to make money playing greyhound races, stop wasting your time on trying to get better at rating the dogs. Instead, learn how to wager on the races. I've watched people spend hours and hours--really days, months and years--trying to find

What About Your 2nd and 3rd Picks?

A few days ago I wrote a Blog about improving my ROI by not playing on my top selection when my pick is the same dog as the crowd favorite. I received an email from P.G. in Milwaukee, asking, "Just read your article about not betting your top pick when he / she is the favorite. My question is, What about your 2nd and 3rd pick in this regard? ... Just wondering what the profit would be. Loved the article cause I'm always looking for "Value" in my wagering."

That's a great question, so I hit the computer to find out the answer.